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Traffic Rank 23,058
Website Performance TestTest
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Dmoz ListingYes
Dmoz TitleTakvim
Dmoz DescriptionGünlük olarak basılan Takvim gazetesinin web sitesi.
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W3C ValidatorValidate the site

Takvim.com.tr Server Summary

Host IP
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Est. Amount of Servers1
Est. Servers CostBetween $3 Monthly and $10 Monthly
Est. Website Bandwidthless than 10MB Daily

Takvim.com.tr SEO Analysis

Words Analysis

A. All Words: 395
B. Repeat Words: 104 or 26%
C. Unique Words: 291 or 74%
D. All Sentences: 8
E. Sentence Length Avg: 187

Keywords Analysis

A. Heading Tags: 0
B. List Tags: 297
C. Title Length: 138
D. Description Length: 126
E. Image Alts: 106

Keywords Weight Analysis

Keyword Weight Repeat

Links Analysis

A. All Links: 299
B. No Following Links: 0
C. Following Links: 299
D. Title Links: 297
E. External Links: 19
F. Internal Links: 280
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