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medium charitynavigator.org website screenshot
Charity Navigator - America's Largest Charity Evaluator | Home
Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator, provides free financial evaluations of America's charities. We are the individual donor's first source for unbiased news and information on philanthropy, nonprofit organizations, wise giv
Tags as: best charity 5 sites, best charities 3 sites, charitable contribution 0 sites, charitable donation 9 sites, See more tags (18) at charitynavigator.org page.
PR: 7/10

medium loriswebs.com website screenshot
Professional Web Design Services, SEO Analysis, Website Redesign Portfolio, Spokane WA.
Professional web designer specializing in search engine friendly websites, SEO analysis, website redesigns, website evaluations with a web design portfolio and custom Web design services with hand coded HTML, search engine optimization (SEO) by a freelanc
Tags as: web design portfolio 249 sites, spokane 50 sites, washington 732 sites, wa 195 sites, See more tags (13) at loriswebs.com page.
PR: 4/10

medium diagnose-me.com website screenshot
Diagnose-Me - Online Diagnosis - Diagnostic Tool
The Analyst (TM) - Comprehensive Online Evaluations For Those Seeking Answers To Their Health Problems. Travel-Free Results, Now!

PR: 4/10

medium koofers.com website screenshot
Tags as: koofers 1 sites, exams 167 sites, study guides 45 sites, notes 378 sites, See more tags (10) at koofers.com page.
PR: 0/10

medium gceus.com website screenshot
Global Credential Evaluators, Inc.
Evaluations for Academic, Immigration, Job, License
Tags as: credential 12 sites, evaluators 1 sites, See more tags (13) at gceus.com page.
PR: 6/10

medium prescreenit2.com website screenshot
Prove It! - Brought to you by Kenexa
Kenexa prove it! skills assessments. the fastest and most cost effective way to determine a candidate's skill level in the areas of office, software, call center, industrial, technical skills , and many more. an expansive selection of over 600
Tags as: assessments 43 sites, assessment 151 sites, automated 495 sites, proficiency 23 sites, See more tags (22) at prescreenit2.com page.
PR: 0/10

medium charitywatch.org website screenshot
American Institute of Philanthropy - Charity Watchdog Helping Donors Make Informed Giving Decisions
The american institute of philanthropy is a nonprofit charity watchdog organization that helps donors make informed giving decisions.
Tags as: evaluations 40 sites, See more tags (23) at charitywatch.org page.
PR: 7/10

medium digitalnaturopath.com website screenshot
Comprehensive Online Natural Health Analysis
The Analyst: Comprehensive Naturopathic Online Evaluations for those Seeking Doctors of Natural, Alternative and Holistic Medicine. No Naturopath in your Area? Travel-Free Naturopathy, Now!

PR: 4/10

medium rcmguide.com website screenshot
| Hotels | Luxury Hotels | Extended Stay Hotels | Quality hotels | Hotel prices |
It searches and it makes evaluations of hotels here. it finds the lesser prices of lodging and the best hotels in the whole world in rcmguide.com.
Tags as: hotels 4,562 sites, cheap hotels 429 sites, See more tags (5) at rcmguide.com page.
PR: 2/10

medium omghub.com website screenshot
Dave Kurlan on Sales, Assessments, Sales Management, Sales Force Evaluations
Sales Management Case Histories from the world of Sales Force Evaluations, Sales Candidate Assessments, Sales Management Mistakes, Sales Development and More.
Tags as: sales assessments 2 sites, personality tests 42 sites, sales competencies 0 sites, See more tags (14) at omghub.com page.
PR: 4/10

medium indiauniversity.me website screenshot
India University College. Diploma, MBA, MA, PhD, BA Course & Online Distance Learning
Online Indian Universities & Colleges. Find your desired Graduate, Diploma, Certificate or Master Degree Programs. Online Evaluations & Top Rankings of Universities, Colleges and Educational Institutions across India, including Online Distance Learning
Tags as: india 5,403 sites, indian 2,664 sites, universities 364 sites, colleges 524 sites, See more tags (20) at indiauniversity.me page.

medium conversiondoctor.com website screenshot
Conversion Rate Improvement Services by Eric Graham - The Conversion Doctor!
Improve your websites conversion rates with expert copywriting, usability and pesuasion advice from Eric Graham, The Conversion Doctor. Eric also provides services for usability testing, expert website reviews and website evaluations and consulting.
Tags as: website evaluations 2 sites, copywriting 323 sites, See more tags (9) at conversiondoctor.com page.
PR: 2/10

medium mysteryguestinc.com website screenshot
Mystery Guest, Inc. Taking the mystery out of Customer Experience Evaluations through anonymous mystery shopping
Cost effective performance measuring through survey construction, data-collection, diagnostic analysis, and customized reporting based on immediate results from real consumers.
Tags as: mystery shopping 40 sites, See more tags (5) at mysteryguestinc.com page.
PR: 2/10

medium topranksolutions.com website screenshot
Search Engine Optimization, SEO Training | Web Site Evaluations | Phoenix Arizona
Top Rank Solutions offers Web site evaluations, search engine optimization and training and support services for site owners, Web designers and Web development teams. We are based near Phoenix in Mesa, Arizona, and offer services nationwide.
Tags as: web site optimization 226 sites, seo training 144 sites, internet marketing articles 91 sites, See more tags (12) at topranksolutions.com page.
PR: 3/10

medium epoweredprofessionals.com website screenshot
Real Estate Agents - Epoweredprofessionals.com - Realtors in USA and Canada, Realtor Referrals
Epoweredprofessionals.com real estate agents - An online community of Realtors dedicated to providing excellent service to their clients. Realtor referrals network, USA and Canadian agent directory, property searches and realty evaluations
Tags as: real estate agents 259 sites, realtors 274 sites, real estate 3,450 sites, realtor 342 sites, See more tags (13) at epoweredprofessionals.com page.
PR: 4/10

medium serviceevaluation.com website screenshot
Service Evaluation Concepts
Service Evaluations Concepts (SEC) is one of the premier mystery shopping companies that has online functionality that uniquely qualifies our service offering.
Tags as: mystery shopping 40 sites, hr 328 sites, human resources 157 sites, See more tags (7) at serviceevaluation.com page.

medium softwareresearchtools.com website screenshot
SRT :: Supply Chain Management Software Evaluations and Comparisons
Supply Chain Management software comparisons. Use our online evaluation tool to clearly compare all leading supply chain management software packages.
Tags as: scm 42 sites, See more tags (15) at softwareresearchtools.com page.
PR: 0/10

medium wide-format-printers.org website screenshot
Product reviews, information, ratings, evaluations to help deciding which wide format inkjet printers and plotters such as Canon, Encad, Hewlett-Packa
Facts, discussion, tips on all wide-format inkjet, dye sublimation, piezo large format digital laser photo printers including Fine Art giclee printers and RIP such as EFI Fiery hardware PostScript RIP and laminators, laminating equipment for wide format p
Tags as: wide format printers 5 sites, See more tags (6) at wide-format-printers.org page.
PR: 5/10

medium sharewarejunkies.com website screenshot
The Oldest Software Review Site
A1 Shareware Evaluations - The Internets oldest Software Review site 6000 + pages, downloads, News, Links, shareware and freeware


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